Institute of linguistics (IL)

In the Institute of Linguistics (IL) we conduct research on the structure and usage of human language. Our focus is mainly on German, English, French and Italian, as well as other, also non-European languages.

The divisions of IL:


The English division of the Institute of Linguistics (IfLA) conducts research on and offers courses in varieties of English and other languages in the areas of phonology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics.


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The German division of the department of linguistics (ILG) conducts research and offers programs in German and General Linguistics. In addition, we have a special focus on Asian languages.

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The Romance division of the Institute of Linguistics (ILR) conducts research and offers studies in Romance Linguistics, with a particular focus on French and Italian.

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This image shows Ralf Bothner

Ralf Bothner


Secretary's Office English Linguistics / Secretary's Office Linguistics

This image shows Francesca Albrigo

Francesca Albrigo


Secretary's Office German Linguistics

This image shows Hélène Rondeau

Hélène Rondeau


Secretary's Office of Romance Linguistics

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