Workshop: Partition and Individuation in Germanic & Slavic

June 15, 2022

Time: June 15 – 17, 2022
Lecturer: Ellen Brandner, Alexander Pfaff, Ljudmila Geist, et al.
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This is the kick-off workshop of the DFG-funded project Partition and Individuation in Germanic (PartInG) which examines phenomena such as (pseudo-) partitivity, measuring, counting, singling-out and their various lexicalization strategies – case marking, prepositions, (indefinite) articles, inflection etc. Close attention is paid to the fine structure of the lower nominal domain, structure-meaning correlations, syncretisms and multifunctionality of the items involved.

The workshop is intended to bring together our cooperation partners, and is co-hosted by Ljudmila Geist's DFG-project on the Fine Structure of the Noun Phrase. We intend to use this opportunity to elaborate on our agenda, discuss research strategies, present preliminary results, and refine our research questions. The program furthermore includes three open/general discussion sessions on lexical properties of n/N, countability, and multifunctionality. You are cordially invited to attend our workshop!

  Wednesday, 15.06 (M 17.16)* Thursday, 16.06 (tba) Friday, 17.06 (M 17.15)
informal meeting, coffee
Svetlana Petrova
On the distribution of strong and weak adjectival inflection in OHG
Sigríður Sæunn Sigurðardóttir
Nascent change in Modern Icelandic: The emergence of an indefinite article
10:15-11:15 11:00 Welcome and introduction (Ellen Brandner) Johanna Wood
On measure nouns and pseudopartitives
Alex Rehn
The defective German indefinite paradigm - a new perspective from non-standard varieties
11:30-12:30 Martina Wiltschko
Above and beyond the DP: the configuration of interaction in the nominal domain
Pavel Caha
On the relationship among pseudopartitives, counting constructions and plurals
Tom Leu
How complex “ein”-determiners help teasing apart adjectival agreement and oblique case morphology
14:00-15:00 Paolo Acquaviva
(What) Does the nominal spine mean? Conceptual ontology and lexical knowledge.
Alex Pfaff
Divide and count. On measuring and counting in natural language
Ellen Brandner
On grammaticalization and nanosyntax
15:15-16:15 Ljudmila Geist
The fine-grained structure of countability in Slavic: singulative, plural and mass/count elasticity
  General discussion:
What is in little n?
General discussion:
Countability and (Pseudo-)Partitivity
General discussion:
How to deal with multifunctionality?
  Dinner social event (to be announced)  
* Building: Keplerstr. 17 (K II), 70174 Stuttgart (Campus Stadtmitte)

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