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Linguistics Lab

The following experimental research approaches are available in our lab:

  • Speech production
  • Speech perception
  • Eye-tracking

The lab comproses six work station with computers and headphones, which are used for perception and corpus studies. Additional work stations are used for production experiments (in combination with a soundproof booth) and eye-tracking studies.

The lab is also used for teaching, which allows students to gain insights on methods in experimental linguistic research.


  • Prof. Dr. Sabine Zerbian
    • Typological variation, learner variation and contact variation in phonology
    • South African English
    • Phonology and tonology of Southern Bantu languages
    • Experimental phonology
  • Dr. Heidi Altmann 
    • L2 segments (perception and production)
    • L2 word accent (perception and production)
    • L2 teaching and testing
  • Dr. Fabian Schubö
    • Syntax-prosody interface
    • Intonation and information structure
    • Pre-boundary lengthening in a cross-linguistic perspective
  • Nadja Schauffler, M.A.
    • Rhythmic preferences and prosody production in German and English
    • Prosody-semantics interface
    • L2 intonation
    • Implicit prosody
  • Yulia Zuban, M.A.
    • L2 prosody
    • Annotation systems of L2 intonation
    • Intonation and information structure


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Fabian Schubö

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