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Linguistics Lab

The following experimental research approaches are available in our lab:

  • Speech production
  • Speech perception

The lab comproses six work station with computers and headphones, which are used for perception and corpus studies. Additional work stations are used for production experiments (in combination with a sound-attenuated booth).

The lab is also used for teaching, which allows students to gain insights on methods in experimental linguistic research.


  • Prof. Dr. Sabine Zerbian
    • Typological variation, learner variation and contact variation in phonology
    • South African English
    • Phonology and tonology of Southern Bantu languages
    • Experimental phonology
  • Dr. Heidi Altmann 
    • L2 segments (perception and production)
    • L2 word accent (perception and production)
    • L2 teaching and testing
  • Dr. Fabian Schubö
    • Syntax-prosody interface
    • Intonation and information structure
    • Pre-boundary lengthening in a cross-linguistic perspective
  • Dr. Nadja Schauffler
    • Rhythmic preferences and prosody production in German and English
    • Prosody-semantics interface
    • L2 intonation
    • Implicit prosody
  • Yulia Zuban, M.A.
    • L2 prosody
    • Annotation systems of L2 intonation
    • Intonation and information structure

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