Institute of English Linguistics (IfLA)

Running and finished projects in our division

  • DFG-Project Zero-derived Nouns
  • DFG-Project Pre-boundary lengthening in a cross-linguistic perspective
  • DFG-Project P7 (RUEG)
  • DFG-Project AL 554/10-1; FI 1959/2-1 Modelling Control Theory
  • DFG-ANR-Project ZE 940/1-1 Breaking the Unwritten Language Barrier 
    (DFG- and ANR-funded cooperation with S. Stüker (KIT), F. Hamlaoui 
    (ZAS), G. Adda (IMMI), L. Lamel (LIMSI), L. Besacier (LIG), M. Adda-Decker 
    (LPP), M. Van de Velde (LLACAN))
  • SFB 732, Project A7 Cross-linguistic interactions in second language prosody
  • SFB 732, Project B1 The formation and interpretation of derived nominals
  • SFB 732, MGK Integrated Research Training Group
  • SFB 732, Project C1 The syntax of nominal modification and its interaction with nominal structure
  • SFB 732, Project C2, Case and Referential Context: Argument Realization and referential Context
  • DFG-Project Prosodische Phrasierung
  • Auxiliary selection in the history of English
  • Lernaktiv
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