Institute of Linguistics

In the Institute of Linguistics (IL) we conduct research on the structure and usage of human language. Our focus is mainly German, English, French and Italian, as well as other, also non-European languages.

In the Institute of Linguistics (IL), we carry out empirical, interdisciplinary research guided by modern theories of grammar for the languages and focal points of its three divisions. We incorporate research-oriented teaching in our linguistics majors, other majors offered in cooperation with the Institute for Literary Studies (e.g. the education major), and interdisciplinary majors (such as the Master in Digital Humanities).



This image shows Judith Tonhauser
Prof. Dr.

Judith Tonhauser

Head of English Linguistics / Head of Institute of Linguistics

This image shows Daniel Hole
Prof. Dr.

Daniel Hole

Head of Department
Dean of Faculty 9

This image shows Achim Stein
Prof. Dr.

Achim Stein

Professor of Romance Linguistics

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